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刚才想给您打个电话没打通,没有重要的事情,只是觉得email难以表达谢意,想要直接对您说声谢谢!为您在当时非常紧急的情况下(还有一个狂躁的客户的轰炸中…),经过好几轮论证,从一堆乱麻中准确定位问题的关键,对症下药起死回生;也为您在appeal提交之后的安慰 - - -






"Attorney Jian Joe Zhou’s Comments:  I took the denied PERM case that was filed by another firm that a technical issue was overlooked by a previous attorney.  Client was on fifth year of H-1B.  I analyzed the overall situation, and presented the strategy that a Motion to Reconsider to be filed to keep PERM live; an H-1B extension based on the pending PERM that was originally filed 365 days prior to the six year’s anniversary.  In the motion to reconsider, I rebutted the reason for denial by the theory of harmless technical error.  In the past, DOL allows very few exceptions in technical error and  there was no precedents cover the situation in the case.  Motion to Reconsider of the denied PERM was approved within around 3 months.  The client’s PERM was approved, and original PERM priority date served.  With the visa movement in 2015, client is eligible to file I-140/485 concurrently under EB-2 category (beneficiary is a Chinese born alien).  Please note: PERM petition is an employer sponsored petition, and employer will have to support and pay all PERM related costs per DOL regulation."