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Dear Jerry

How are you recently?

It’s XXXX again from New York.

My case of EB1A application to USCIS got final results this month after 14 month waiting, RFE for I-140 and I-485. My whole family, my husband, my son and I, have all received the Green Cards on Nov 15. We are so much excited, no doubt. At the same time, we greatly appreciate your kind and professional support to my case from the bottom of our hearts.

Although I am just one of your many clients who are successful, it does mean great significance for my whole family. So I do want to express my sincere gratitude to all of your team again, especially Mr. Ben, Mr. Gu and you (although I sent you a thanks e-mail after I submitted my I-140 last year).

Without your confirmation of my qualification, I even never thought I could possibly try EB1A application, you just gave me the encouragement.

And thanks Mr. Gu, making strategy and calculating the days for my husband to have him and my son be included in my case, otherwise even I can get GC, there’s still a long way for them to go.

Most significantly, one month preparation for category EB1A must have given a lot of pressure to Mr. Ben (I never dared to asked him what’s the feeling when he was assigned my case ... :)). I couldn’t find decent words to express my deep appreciation to Ben. Ben always gives me so swift response to all my questions and materials during the whole case procedure in these 14 months. And sometimes even overtime work till very late. It’s very clear that I could not win this case without Mr. Ben’s professional and strong support and Ben is always so sincere to me that also makes me feel well because I am not confident in this case. I definitely will recommend your company and Mr. Ben to my friends if they want to apply for a case.

I think I’m lucky that I finally won this case because I’m lucky that I met you and your team in my crisis time during my life in the States.

Do hope all of you and your company is going on well, continuing benefiting more persons.


Best Regards,