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Dear Ben, Joe and Jerry,

I want to thank you for being with me through a very rough and long GC journey. I strongly believe that Z&A is the best firm for EB cases and stuck with you, though there were hiccups from my employer. So, finally I changed the job to an employer who gave me complete freedom to proceed with any attorney of my choice. It helped me continue with Z&A. I believe it is the best decision and my family and I are extremely delighted today.

Thanks to Ben being extremely prompt and also give an extra hand by supporting me when I needed the most. I am not sure how Ben thinks of me because of my requests and comments on the documentation at each and every stage of the process, but he has provided greatest support throughout. My family and I would like to convey our thank you for a fabulous job. 

I owe incredibly to Joe. Simply (1) Expertise on legal matters involving the combination of H1B + GC (2) Attention to fine details and how to navigate precisely (3) Being frank but still very respectful and (4) Do what is needed, understand the situation, this is what you did at the interview. You did a fantastic job.

Thanks to Z&A team who supported me throughout this journey.

Thank you Jerry for accepting my case. I would not think twice to recommend Z&A to my friends. I hope to receive the card later this week. I will let you know when I receive it.