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"Jian, (attorney Jian Joe Zhou) 

Thanks for your hard work on this. Great job.


Client (Employer)


Attorney comments: The petitioner company is a small LLC in IT service industry and never had an employee on payroll before and all past tasks were done by independent contractor.  The employer was using its home residency for operating business and for the petition purpose the employer subleased a desk with his outside CPA firm.  The Employer signed up service agreement and decided to offer an F-1 student an H-1B position.  Attorney Joe Jian Zhou explained to client the challenges that USCIS might rise on the business setting and specialty occupation.  As expected, USCIS issued RFE challenging on the business setting, office location, and existence of business.  Attorney Zhou carefully explored the available documents with client and prepared a very persuasive argument with focus on the growing business (as the employer’s past tax record was very modest).  The case was approved after RFE, and the employer felt relieved as the employer is depending on the H-1B beneficiary’s performance to provide  the service to its customers.