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Dear my Friends

My  EB1-A case has been filed to CIS.

At the time when my case is temporally completed, 

I want to express my sincere appreciation to all of you who have done me such big favors in the last one month. 

It's so important for me and my family not missing this chance to try.

Thanks to Jerry first, 

for your professional group,

for your evaluation giving me confidence to try,

for your fast and patient explanation to every tiny of my complicated questions.

Thanks to Owen

for your analysis of our situation,

for your problem solving suggestions,

for your coordination of my case.

Thanks to Wang

for your help with application for my B2 extension,

which gain me enough time of legal status,


Thanks to Ben who gave me the strongest support in my case,

You are so high efficient with swift response to every of my e-mail within 12 hours.

You are professional to give me suggestions during my preparation,

You are able to understand the time crisis without any complaint,

You are so nice every time I required to meet for discussion.