EB-4 Visa: “Special” Immigrant

The employment-based, fourth-preference, or EB-4, visa is a pathway to U.S. permanent resident status reserved for religious workers and other special immigrants who are employees of the U.S. government, are Afghan or Iraqi translators for the U.S. Armed Forces, or are certain physicians, among other eligible categories listed below. Depending on the category, aliens may self-petition or are required to have an employer petition on their behalf.

Who Qualifies?

Aliens who may be eligible to apply under the EB-4 category include:

  1. Religious workers intending to work as a minister, in a professional capacity in a religious vocation, or for a tax-exempt organization affiliated with a religious denomination 

  2. Special immigrant juveniles

  3. Certain members of the U.S. Armed Forces

  4. Broadcasters

  5. Certain physicians

  6. Certain overseas employees of the U.S. government

  7. Employees of the Panama Canal Zone

  8. Retired employees of international organizations

  9. Certain dependents of international organization employees

  10. Afghan and Iraqi translators for the U.S. Armed Forces

For a full list of qualifying EB-4 special immigrants, refer here.

For more information on the EB-4 visa, refer to the following links:

Updated 04/12/2017