EB-1B Services We Provide

For EB-1B visas, the requirements are clearly stipulated, and a permanent research or teaching job offer is a standard component for all beneficiaries. 

At our firm, experienced attorneys will first evaluate your situation in order to select personalized options for a potential immigration petition. You can always start this process by sending us your resume either by e-mail to freeevaluation@hooyou.com or by fax to (713) 771-8368 for a free initial consultation.

After reviewing your resume, we’ll give you our assessment of your credentials to determine whether or not the EB-1B category is appropriate for you. We’ll also advise you and your future employer on what strategy your potential case should adopt, and whether simultaneously petitioning under more than one category, such as EB-1A, National Interest Waiver, and/or labor certification, would increase your chances of success.

After you retain us for your EB-1B case, our seasoned attorneys will facilitate your application through the following steps:

  • We’ll communicate with your future employer to obtain their sponsorship of your petition, and ensure that they’ll be supportive throughout the petitioning process.
  • We’ll provide sample recommendation letters applicable to your field, which can be used as a guide for the initial drafts of letters of recommendation you obtain.
  • We’ll review and edit your letters of recommendation to make sure they include the appropriate language and meet EB-1B requirements.
  • We’ll guide and work with you to collect all the documents and information needed for your EB-1B petition, including the job offer letter from your sponsoring employer.
  • Once all the documentation and supporting materials are compiled, we’ll organize them in a petition package.
  • At the top of the documentation we’ll submit in your petition package is an expertly written petition letter explaining how the evidence we present proves that you should qualify for an EB-1B visa.
  • After we review the completed petition materials, we’ll send them to the designated U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Service Center.
  • Thereafter, we’ll keep in touch with USCIS as your case is evaluated, and keep you apprised of developments throughout this waiting period.
  • In the event USCIS makes a request for additional evidence on your pending case, we will respond to the request promptly, submitting the additional documentation required within the timeframe stipulated.
  • As soon as USCIS makes a final determination on your EB-1B application, we will promptly inform you of the result.

If you are thinking of retaining our firm for your EB-1B application, refer to our Attorney’s Fees and Filing Fees page.

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Our experienced immigration attorneys are here to assist you in your EB-1 application. For more detailed information on the EB-1 category, including minimum requirements and USCIS policies, refer to the following links:

Updated 04/05/2017