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Dr. Lee

Dr. Lee is a researcher in the field of material science, surface engineering, and nanotechnology, particularly specifying on the development of biological and nanostructured materials. Dr. Lee obtained his Ph.D. in material science from a prestigious university in the U.K, and his Master of Engineering in material science from a famous university in China.

Dr. Lee had published some articles in academic journals. He had participated as a judge of other scientists' work by providing a review of a manuscript submitted for publication in a major journal. Dr. Lee had also played a critical role in his research institute and gained a very good reputation.

Z&A's attorneys proved that as an alien of extraordinary ability who was at the top of the fields of material science, surface engineering and nanotechnology, Dr. Lee's research would bringsubstantial benefits to the United States. We filed an EB-1(a) petition for Dr. Lee on August 18, 2006. The EB-1A petition was approved in September 20, 2006, only one month after filing. Then, Dr. Lee filed his I-485 application for adjustment of status under the approved EB-1A petition.


Dr. Lee

Dr. Lee has been an internationally renowned expert in the field of nanotechnology, particularly in the areas of nanofabrication and micro fabrication. During his 4-year Ph.D. graduate studies ata top American university, he performed nanotechnology research. After graduation, he had also been offered a permanent research position to continue his research in the field with the title of research scientist by a qualifying research oriented employer. Through his diligent research, Dr. Lee made significant and original contributions to the field of nanoscale materials, surface science, and micro/nano fabrications.

Dr. Lee turned to Z&A to seek our professional service for his immigration petition. Our experienced attorneys carefully reviewed his academic background and achievements and recommended him to apply for EB-1B, outstanding researcher. With support of Dr. Lee, we prepared a persuasive petition package in which we proved that Dr. Lee was a brilliant researcher with an international reputation. His work had been published extensively in some famous academic journals with international circulation, such as Journal of Physical Chemistry, American Chemical Society’s Langmuir, Surface Science, and Nuclear Instruments and Methods, etc. And his journal articles had been extensively and widely cited by other scientists, often in journals with international circulation. He also participated as a judge of other scientists’ work as being invited by top technical journals to review journal submissions. Also, Dr. Lee had been admitted for membership in the prestigious American Chemical Society and had more than three years of research experience in his field. With strong and sufficient evidence, we proved that Dr. Lee was qualified to be classified as an “Outstanding Researcher.”

With our successful application strategy and professional work, Dr. Lee’s EB-1B petition was filed on July, 2006 and quickly approved 3 months later.


Dr. Lee

Dr. Lee works in the field of mechanical engineering, particularly in fuel cell and alternative energy technology and heat mass transfer. He worked in a number of research institutes and prominent research laboratories in Asia and in the U.S. and made outstanding achievements in mechanical engineering, particularly in fuel cell, heat transfer, and liquid metal combustion technology.

In 2006, Dr. Lee retained our office for his EB-1B petition. Our experienced attorneys carefully drafted a well-designed petition letter for him and collected all related documents. We successfully drew the immigration officers’ attention to the following points: First, Dr. Lee was recognized internationally as outstanding in his field. Dr. Lee developed a comprehensive single domain technique, which could avoid complex boundary conditions on the interfaces of different media in fuel cells. This new technique simplified computer programming to make it easier and more efficient. This was merely a sampling of Dr. Lee’s most significant contributions to fuel cells, heat transfer, and energy research. The significance of his work was widely recognized by other scientists in his field and they had sent enthusiastic support letters and professional observations. Additionally, Dr. Lee’s work had been published extensively in many scholarly journals, abstracts, and books of international circulation and substantial influence. Dr. Lee had participated as an evaluator of other scientists’ work. For example, he was invited by a top technical journal to review multiple submissions. He had also been members for several professional associations which required outstanding achievement in the field. Secondly, from 1990 to 1997, Dr. Lee worked as an advanced mechanical engineer in multiple capacities for one of the most famous research institutes in China. He was responsible for the management of a diverse array of complex research, design, and development projects. He more than exceeded three years of research experience. Lastly, Dr. Lee had been offered a permanent research position with the title of “Research and Development Engineer” by an American research institute. This was a permanent research position with no fixed term, for which he would ordinarily have an expectation of permanent employment.

With our premium service, Dr. Lee’s petition was approved only three months after submission.


Dr. Lee

Dr. Lee is an outstanding researcher in the field of combustion science. He began his studies at one of the top research universities in China before joining a Texas university where he obtained his Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering in 2004. He is currently working for a national laboratory. During his research career, Dr. Lee has co-authored many scholarly articles in scientific journals with international circulation and has made important discoveries in his research field.

Z&A’s attorneys, with the help from Dr. Lee, successfully prepared all evidence crucial to his petition. Supported by other evidence, Z&A’s attorneys proved in the petition letter to the USCIS officer that Dr. Lee was an alien of extraordinary ability who was excellent in his research field. We proved his original contributions. His awards for excellence, his membership in esteemed associations, his judging the work of others, and his most impressive publication record in his field had shown that he was qualified to be classified as an alien of extraordinary ability. Six months later after filing, Dr. Lee's Eb-1A petition was approved by the USCIS Texas Service Center.


Mr. Lee

Mr. Lee is an internationally-acclaimed academic filmmaker whose camera always focuses on examining the essential nature of different religions, genders, and raceswhilehighlighting social injustice suffered by people at the margins of society. He is a graduate of a top ranked film university in Korea and one of the top American film universities, where he received his MFA degree.

In 2006, Mr. Lee retained our firm for his EB-1B petition. Our experienced attorneys clearly stated in his petition letter that firstly, Mr. Lee was recognized internationally as one of the best in his field. His films were deeply rooted in ancient religious and modern western trends such as Shamanism, Totemism, Buddhism, Confucianism and Christianity. His talent in the field had been recognized by numerous international film festivals that he had been invited to attend over the years. As evidence of his outstanding achievement in the field, Mr. Lee had won many national and international awards or recognitionsbeen widely circulated. Due to Mr. Lee’s reputation and high standing in the field of academic film making, he had individually served as a criticfor many films. Secondly, Mr. Lee had at least three years of teaching and research experience. Since his graduation with an MFA degree in 2002, he gained abundant teaching and research experience in several universities, where he took full responsibility in designing and teaching an undergraduate course named “Film Technique”. Thirdly, Mr. Lee had been offered a tenure track assistant professor position at an American university that had no fixed term of termination and in which he would ordinarily have an expectation of permanent employment.

We submitted Mr. Lee’s petition in March 2006 and it was approved in August of the same year.


Ms. Lee

Ms. Lee is an artist of exceptional ability in the field of painting, folk art and fine art research, particularly specializingin Chinese traditional paper cutting, weaving and embroidery, China’s lucky folk arts, and the preservation of the traditional culture of the Miao, a minority group in China. Ms. Lee’s unique skills in painting and folk art research and her passion for preserving traditional and minority cultures have already created an enormous impact in the field.

 Z&A's attorneys, in the petition letter, proved to the immigration officer of USCIS that Ms. Lee was an alien of extraordinary ability who was at the top of her performing field by presenting evidence relating to her superb performances, her awards for excellence at a national level, her membership in a prestigious association, the significantly high remuneration for her performing service, and etc.

Ms. Lee's EB-1(a) petition was approved by the USCIS Texas Service Center six month after its submission.


Dr. Lee

Dr. Lee is an outstanding scientist in the field of bioanalytical and materials science, particularly in the field of microfluidics and genomics. As a researcher at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, she developed the polymer-based microfluidic system for reliable forensic DNA analysis. Dr. Lee had made many leading and highly recognized research achievements, including the innovative use of thermo-responsive polymer matrices that enable high-resolution DNA separation, and the development of surface modification method for biomacromolecule analyses.
Dr. Lee retained Zhang & Associates, P.C. for her EB-1B petition. Our elite legal team reviewed her academic record carefully and designed a customized package for her. Our attorneys highlighted Dr. Lee’s credentials by quoting the recommendation letters rather than listing her achievements.  Her recommendation letters were all from worldwide leading researchers and professors. In those letters it was said: Dr. Lee is one of the few scientists worldwide with an exceptional skill set in this area;the research results achieved by Dr. Lee are truly outstanding, and the research team in which she has been involved is highly recognized.  In addition, we also emphasized her major prizes and awards for her outstanding achievements and permanent research position in her researcher field.

Our strategy was obviously successful. With the premium service, Dr. Lee’s EB-1B petition was approved within a week.

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