What Can I Expect from my Free Evaluation

The free evaluation is right for you if you have questions regarding your case’s chance of success, immigration alternatives available in your situation, the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative, or how much the case will cost you inlegal and filing fees. Based on the information you provide, our highly qualified attorneys will make a professional and objective evaluation regarding your circumstances and get our assessment back to you within two business days. If you do not receive an answer from us within two business days due to a mechanical or technical problem with our email system, please re-send your email.

The depth and scope of our free evaluation cannot be limitless and is restricted by our attorneys' professional responsibilities. Often, an in-depth legal analysis is technically impossible without intensive legal research or collection of more detailed information. Therefore, if your case demands in-depth legal analysis or a case-specific legal opinion, we strongly recommend that you use our fee-based consultation services. We sincerely believe that this is in your best interest.

Here is a list of content that our free evaluation service provides:

  • An objective assessment of the likelihood of success of your case;
  • A guideline of your immigration options and the relative advantages, disadvantages or potential risks of each option;
  • The estimated cost of your case (including attorney's fee, filing fee, etc.) that will occur if you choose to retain us;
  • A recommendation to our fee-based consultation services if we believe it is necessary;
  • A referral to other attorneys or legal services if we determine that we are unable to take your case.

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