Unlawful Activities and Their Impacts on a Visa Application

A visa application is the first step to entering the United States. An alien must apply for a visa with a U.S. embassy or consulate abroad. The U.S. consular officer, who reviews the visa application, has broad discretion in approving or denying the application. The consular officer may approve or deny a visa application with or without reason. However, any acts that affect admission, adjustment of status, naturalization or acts subject to removal proceedings might be valid reasons for denial. These include criminal acts, drug offenses, immoral behavior, violation of  U.S. immigration law, failure to maintain nonimmigrant status, violation of the conditions of admission, prior removal or having outstanding removal orders from the U.S., failure to attend removal proceedings without reason, smuggling aliens into the U.S., marriage fraud, document fraud, misrepresentation, failure to register and falsification of documents, unlawful voting, international child abduction, avoiding being drafted into the U.S. armed forces, espionage, sabotage, illegal activity, or terrorist activity.

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