What are the Filing and Penalty Fees Associated with Section 245(i)?

The Section 245(i) penalty fee is $1,000, and is in addition to any other filing fees. This fee does not have to be paid when relatives or employers submit the immigration petition or labor certification on or before April 30, 2001. Rather, it is usually due later when the alien applies for an adjustment of status. Thus, the $1,000 fee needs to be paid at the time of filing Form I-485A, which is submitted along with the standard application for adjustment of status (Form I-485).

Important Notice:

The fees listed above are subject to change without notice. Moreover, they are for the majority of cases in each category. An individual client may be charged at a higher fee, depending on the totality of the circumstances for the client. Zhang and Attorneys have the discretion to charge a higher fee than the fee schedules listed above.

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