Attorney-Client Agreement

This ATTORNEY-CLIENT AGREEMENT ("Agreement") is entered into by and between ________________________________ (Client) and Zhang & Attorneys, LLLP (Attorney).

1.       SCOPE AND DUTIES: Client retains Attorney to provide legal services in connection with the filing of an original K-1 Alien fianc¨¦ (fianc¨¦e) Petition (I-129F) for _____________________________________________ (Beneficiary) ONLY.  This Agreement does not obligate Attorney to appear for the consulate interview or appointment, nor provide services in connection with any appeal to any administrative board or any judicial courts.

2.       GUARANTEE OF PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCE: Attorney agrees to use due diligence in furthering Client's and/or Beneficiary's best interests under the laws. Attorney is liable to Client for Attorney's negligence or incompetence. However, Attorney makes no guarantee of the outcome of the case.

3.       LEGAL FEES: Client agrees to pay for the legal services as follows: Upon execution of the Agreement, Client must pay non-refundable Eight Hundred Dollars ($800.00) flat attorney fees to Attorney.  These cover all legal fees and costs Attorney may have in connection with the original petition for Client, except as is otherwise provided herein.

  1. OPTIONAL SERVICE AND FEES: In some situations, the National Visa Center may request a Packet III process in the United States, while in some cases the National Visa Center may not requested a Packet III process. If a Packet III is required by National Visa Center and Client whishes to retain Attorney to prepare the Packet III documents, Client must pay non-refundable Four Hundred Dollars ($400.00) in advance to cover the attorneys' fees and other costs before Attorney will be required to prepare the Packet III documents.

5.       COSTS AND EXPENSES: Attorney is authorized to incur reasonable costs and expenses in express mails to expedite the preparation of the K-1 petition, for which Client shall be responsible and payable to Attorney upon receipt of invoices from Attorney.

6.       MODIFICATIONS: Any modification of the Agreement must be in writing and signed by Client and Attorney.

7.       PRIOR AGREEMENTS: This Agreement incorporates all prior agreements and understandings between Client and Attorney.

8.       EFFECTIVE DATE: This Agreement shall become effective when both Attorney and Client sign it and upon Attorney's receipt of the fees as listed in clause 3 above.

9.       GOVERNING LAW AND JURISDICTION: This Agreement shall be governed and construed under the laws of the State of Texas. Client consents to the jurisdiction of the State of Texas and the venue of Harris County, Texas for any litigation regarding this Agreement.

10.    FILING FEES: Client agrees to pay all government filing fees to Zhang & Attorneys, LLLP at the time of filing, including, but not limited to:
I-129F petition:  $340.00.
We usually do not accept filing fee payments via credit card except in extreme situations.

NOTE: All USCIS fees are subject to change without notice.

Client acknowledges that Client has fully read and understood Agreement. By signing Agreement, Client hereby agrees to the terms and conditions set forth herein.

Client Contact Information

Client Name: ___________________________________________________

Client Day Time Phone Number: ___________________________________

Client Home Phone Number: ______________________________________

Client Email Address: ____________________________________________

Client Alternative Email Address: ___________________________________

Client Signature: __________________________  Date:  ________________

Attorney Signature: ________________________  Date:  ________________

Credit Card Payment

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Mail-in Payment

Please kindly make your check payable to Zhang & Attorneys, LLLP, and mail it with a copy of the signed agreement to:


Zhang & Attorneys, LLLP

9999 Bellaire Blvd, Suite 920,

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