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January 2015 Visa Bulletin

The Department of State released the latest visa bulletin for January 2015 on December 9, 2014. 

For the month of January 2015, the EB-1 category is still current for nationals all over the world. 

In EB-2 category, the cut-off dates move forward from January 1, 2010 to February 1, 2010 for Chinese Mainland nationals while the cut-off dates remain unchanged on February 15, 2005 for Indian nationals. The EB-2 visa numbers are available for applicants of all other countries and regions except China-Mainland and India. 

In the EB-3 category, the cut-off dates move forward from June 1, 2010 to March 1, 2011 for Chinese Mainland nationals while the cut-off dates move forward from December 1, 2003 to December 15, 2003 for Indian nationals. 

For the recently popular EB-5 investment immigration, the visa number is current world wide even though more people are submitting their applications. 

We recommend that you file your NIW petition as soon as possible if you are qualified for a NIW but not so good for an EB-1. In fact, we always encourage our clients to file a NIW petition if they are qualified. For the year of 2008, our firm received 402 NIW approvals. For the year of 2009, our firm received 430 NIW approvals. For the year of 2010, our firm received 223 NIW approvals. For the year of 2011, our firm received 286 NIW approvals. For the year of 2012, our firm received 351 NIW approvals and 245 EB-1 approvals. From the year of 2013, our firm received 357 NIW approvals and 216 EB-1 approvals. From January to November2014, our firm received 183NIW approvals and 222 EB-1 approvals. 

After NIW is approved, you may also apply for EB-1 if you get more and greater achievements. Before you start the application process, it is imperative that you consult with a highly trained legal professional. If you are interested in filing a NIW or EB-1 but not sure if you are qualified, please contact Attorney Jerry Zhang at jzhang@hooyou.com. He will provide you with a free evaluation.

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At Zhang & Associates, P.C., our attorneys and supporting professionals are committed to providing high-quality immigration and non-immigration visa services. We specialize in NIW, EB-1, PERM, and I-485 cases. In the past nineteen years, we have successfully helped thousands of clients get green cards. If you plan to apply for a green card, please send your CV to Attorney Jerry Zhang (info@hooyou.com) for a free evaluation.

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