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EB-1A Approval of a Jeweler and Artist

In late November 2010, Ms. Choi, an F-1 student at that time, contacted Attorney XXXX, interested in applying for permanent residence under the EB-1A, “alien of extraordinary ability” category.

Originally from South Korea, Ms. Choi was interested in jewelry as an artist and metalsmith.  Although it was a relatively small and new field, Ms. Kim had become really good at her work and over the years, made outstanding, original artistic contributions to the field, some of which were displayed at artistic exhibitions and showcases.  She had won a few awards at her school and had her work published in brochures for the school as well.

Attorney XXXX evaluated Ms. Choi’s credentials carefully and thought she might apply for an EB-1A petition.  However, he let her know that it was a challenging case as the brochure publications were for the school and not a national level publication, and the awards were only student awards, which are generally not recognized by USCIS as satisfying any of the EB-1a categories.  Despite the challenge, Ms. Choi decided to retain Zhang & Associates to handle her EB-1A petition due to our excellent reputation and experience in the area. Attorney XXXX was the in-charge attorney of her petition.

Over the next two years, we worked diligently with Ms. Choi to obtain and revise strong letters of recommendation from experts in her field. Through letters from both leading artists who had worked with Ms. Choi and those who knew of her only through her outstanding contributions to the field, we set out to decisively prove the exceptional caliber of Ms. Choi’s work. In order to further impress upon the reviewing officer Ms. Choi’s rare yet vital skills, her impressive record of achievements, and her unique knowledge relevant to her current and future work, our legal team also assisted her in compiling documentation of some of her awards and prizes, media reports on her work, and her art shows at various gallery exhibitions.

Zhang & Associates, P.C.’s team, with the help of Ms. Choi, efficiently prepared all of the evidence crucial to successfully petitioning for an EB-1A. Using the evidence we had gathered, Attorney XXXX wrote a petition letter to USCIS, proving that Ms. Choihas made original artistic contributions of major significance in the field of jewelry and metal art andthat Ms. Choi’s future stay in the United States will substantially benefit prospectively the United States.  As experts in her field have stated in their reference letters, Ms. Choi possesses an extraordinary ability as a jeweler and artist.

In mid-October 2013, we filed her EB-1A petition to the USCIS. However, in early June 2014, we received a request for more evidence from USCIS questioning Ms. Choi’s credentials. Attorney XXXX worked with Ms. Choi to diligently prepare the response to RFE and submitted it to USCIS in later August 2014. Despite it being a challenging case, only one month later, Ms. Choi’s EB-1A case was approved. We were extremely happy for Ms. Choi and were pleased to have helped her avoid the labor certification and permanent job offer requirements of other regular employment based immigrant petitions. Ms. Choi was similarly overjoyed.

We wish her the best of luck in her continued endeavorsin the field of jewelry and metal art.

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