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EB-1A Approval in One Day after Filed to USCIS

In late December 2013, Dr. Zhang contacted Attorney Jerry Zhang, interested in applying for permanent residence under the EB-1A, “alien of extraordinary ability” category.

Dr. Zhang graduated from a well-known university in east coast with a Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering in September 2013. He then found a job as a research engineer in a company in Silicon Valley. When he contacted attorney Jerry Zhang, he already had 18 publications, three patent applications, over 170 citations and 20 reviews. Attorney Jerry Zhang thought that he would have a good chance to get EB-1A approval.

Knowing that we have an office in Silicon Valley, Dr. Zhang expected to meet us in person to discuss the relevant details. Mr. Shen-Chih Mai, the manager of Silicon Valley Office as well as an assistant of Attorney Jerry Zhang, made an appointment to meet Dr. Zhang in late January 2014. Dr. Zhang retained us during the meeting. His case was handled by an experienced team including Attorney Jerry Zhang, Mr. Shen-Chih Mai and Attorney XXXX.

Over the next several months, we worked diligently with Dr. Zhang to obtain and revise strong letters of recommendation from experts in his field. Through letters from both professors who had worked with Dr. Zhang and those who knew of him only through his outstanding contributions to the field, we set out to decisively prove the exceptional caliber of Dr. Zhang’s work. Mr. Shen-Chih Mai helped Dr. Zhang to prepare the application documents and especially dug in all media reports for him. In addition, Dr. Zhang personally worked several times with Mr. Shin-Chih Mai at our Silicon Valley office to gather all the needed documents. Since Dr. Zhang’s field is slightly different fromhis Ph.D. study, we suggested he submit one more letter from his current colleague to address this concern.

Thus, Zhang & Associates, P.C.’s team, with the help of Dr. Zhang, efficiently prepared all of the evidence crucial to successfully petition for an EB-1A. Citing the strong evidence we had gathered, Attorney XXXX wrote a petition letter to USCIS, proving that Dr. Zhang has been a qualified immigrant under the first preference as an Alien of Extraordinary Ability and intends to continue his work in this area in the United States as well; that Dr. Zhang’s future stay in the United States will substantially benefit prospectively the United States.  As experts in his field have stated in their reference letters, Dr. Zhang possesses an extraordinary ability as an internationally and nationally recognized researcher.

Dr. Zhang is very satisfied with our preparation work and decided to file his application via premium processing service in late September 2014. The normal EB-1A processing time is usually 4 months and premium processing can take up to 15 days.

Just one day after USCIS received the application package, Mr. Shen-Chih Mai checked the status online and surprisingly found Dr. Zhang’s case was approved without a request for more evidence. He informed Dr. Zhangabout this good news immediately.

Dr. Zhang was similarly overjoyed and continued retaining us for his adjustment of status application.

This EB-1A approval means a lot to Dr. Zhang. He did not get H-1B lottery this year and his OPT is about to expire soon. In light of his status and great achievements, his employer is planning to apply O-1 for him. Now with EB-1A approval, Dr. Zhang can apply for EAD card and continue working with no need to apply for O-1 anymore.

We wish him the best of luck in his continued researchendeavors.

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*In order to protect our client’s privacy, all identifying information has been changed.

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