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Dr. Hu* contacted our firm at the beginning of August. He was currently involved in postdoctoral studies at a prestigious East Coast university, but he had been offered a position as a research scientist at an outside firm.

Dr. Hu’s firm wanted to file an O-1 petition on his behalf, since unlike H-1B visas, O-1 visas are not subject to any quota. However, O-1 visas require demonstrated extraordinary ability in an alien’s respective field, and Dr. Hu wasn’t sure if his credentials were strong enough.

Attorney Jerry Zhang reviewed Dr. Hu’s credentials and found them suitable for an O-1 petition. In particular, Attorney Zhang saw that Dr. Hu had several publications and conference presentations in his field. Furthermore, many of these publications credited Dr. Hu as a first or second author, which showed that he had contributed significantly to the results.

In addition, Dr. Hu had served as a reviewer for a journal in his field, won a competitive award, and been elected a member of two peer organizations. All of these achievements showed that other scientists in his field had recognized Dr. Hu as having extraordinary ability.

Preparing the Case

In mid-September, Dr. Hu and his company retained our firm.

Dr. Hu started working on his case right away, since his company needed him to start working as soon as possible. Dr. Hu was worried about his case when his original attorney left the firm. However, Attorney Zhang reassured Dr. Hu that he himself would handle Dr. Hu’s case from that point on.

For the rest of October, Dr. Hu worked with our staff to finish preparing his case. Dr. Hu gathered all the necessary recommendation letters, and Attorney Victor Bush drafted Dr. Hu’s petition letter.

Filing and Approval

On November 2, our firm filed Dr. Hu’s case. Because of the urgency of the case, he and his company chose to use premium processing. Within 15 days maximum, Dr. Hu would know whether his case had been approved, denied, or issued a request for additional evidence.

On November 9, only one week later, our firm received the approval notice for Dr. Hu’s case via email. By November 19, Dr. Hu had the official approval notice in his hands.

Dr. Hu said about his experience with Zhang & Associates, “I appreciate for [sic] you all for great job with my case! . . . I am going to start my permanent residence application soon after I start my new job . . . and I will again retain your firm to help me. I hope my case can be under the same team.”

His employer added, “Thank you, very much!”

Are You Interested in Working with Zhang & Associates?

We at Zhang & Associates are just as happy as Dr. Hu that his case was approved so quickly and easily. We are in this profession because we love to help clients achieve their American dreams. Seeing successful cases like Dr. Hu’s motivates us to continue providing excellent service to all of our clients.

You can read more about O-1 visas in our online immigration library. If you think you might qualify for an O-1 visa or any other services we provide, you can email Attorney Jerry Zhang at info@hooyou.com. He responds to most queries within 24 hours.


*To protect our clients’ privacy, all of their identifying information has been changed.

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