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A Deaf Client’s EB1A Case has been approved

In September 2011, Zhang & Associates, P.C. took on a particularly unique case – an EB1A case for a deaf and mute client who could communicate only in sign language. After multiple email exchanges, we learned that this client had become permanently deaf at the age of 3 as a result of a medical accident and that it wasn’t until years later that his family finally discovered that he was deaf! Despite this tragedy, however, our client never complained and never blamed his parents. For much of his life, he was socio-economically disadvantaged and worked as a caretaker in nursing homes, which consequently cultivated his compassion for others. All the while, he harbored a passion for the arts, fashion, and dancing.  As a result, our client competed in a famous talent show and became a popular and inspirational youth icon in China, appearing in various televised dramas, the front covers of magazines, and working alongside famous Chinese stars, including a worldwide known pianist and NBA athlete. He gained a large fan base, leading his blog website to become heavily visited. Our client’s popularity also led him to become China’s first deaf news anchor and provider of airplane safety instructions in sign language. He also appeared at Paralympics competitions and starred in inspirational movies.

While working on this case, we also discovered our client’s ambitions: he wanted to pursue theater school, become a director, learn how to drive, and inspire physically challenged people everywhere. Because physically challenged people lack access to such endeavors in China, our client wanted to pursue such ambitions in the United States. After collecting all relevant data, we believed that we could make a strong case for our very unconventional client. We characterized his specialized job title as an “Inspirational Performing Artist,” and remained confident throughout the case’s preparation that we could indeed claim him to be an Alien of Extraordinary Ability.

In the process of preparing this case, we placed a heavy emphasis on our client’s impressive track record in China and his ability to inspire the youth and disadvantaged groups.  We collected six recommendation letters from famous individuals as well as deaf advocacy persons and individuals from the Chinese entertainment industry. The supporting documents and data that we received revealed that we could make the following claims for his EB1A petition: the display of his works in artistic exhibitions and showcases; material in major media outlets relating to his works; nationally-recognized prizes and awards for excellence in his field; authorship of articles in his field (he authored several autobiographies); and his participation as a judge of the works of others. We organized his supporting documents according to these claims, carefully providing translations and arranging numerous posters, advertisements, magazine covers and other supporting documents in a way that could be comprehensibly understood by the Examiner. We filed this case in February 2012.

In March 2012, we received a Request for Additional Evidence (RFE) notice from the USCIS on this case. The RFE indicated that the USCIS Examiner was generally pleased and convinced by our evidence. As a result, the RFE only requested for proof that our client would continue to engage in the same field as well as that his work would prospectively benefit the United States. In response, we submitted letters and copies of contracts displaying our client’s intent to work and collaborate with several companies in the United States, stressing not only the inspirational and influential nature of his work, but also its relevance to traditional American values such as liberty and tolerance. On May 8th, the USCIS approved this EB1A case.

The attorney responsible for this case is Attorney Zhang.  Although this is an unconventional case, it is not the only unique case that Attorney Zhang has successfully handled. He has worked diligently to classify individuals from all walks of life as aliens of extraordinary ability.

At Zhang & Associates, P.C., we shoulder your American dreams by working closely with you to deliver favorable results. Despite the challenges that difficult cases present, we remain dedicated to delivering quality service to our clients in the hopes that they can achieve their goals and aspirations in the United States of America. As a result of his heroic personal journey as well as our firm’s dedication, insight, and expertise, our client can now pursue his American dreams! 

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Note: the client consented the firm to put his story as a successful story.

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