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PERM Case Approved in 2 Days

PERM cases have been processed very quickly since the second half of last year.  Most of our PERM cases have been getting approvals within a few weeks.  Last month, on January 26, the managing attorney of our Chicago offices submitted a PERM case and received the approval on January 28; just two days after the case submission.  It was amazing.   It is a good time for applicants who wish to get green card through PERM* to take advantage of this situation.  (*for detailed info regarding getting a green card through PERM, please see our website:

Although PERM case processing time has dramatically advanced, if an audit is issued for the case, the case will still need about 2 years to get a result after the audit response is submitted.  To take advantage of the fast case processing, one must make sure that the case is prepared very well to avoid an audit.  However, Chinese and Indian applicants may think it does not matter that the case takes two-year for processing because they will in any way need to wait for several years to file their adjustment of status (I-485) case and get green card.  However, first of all, case approval in a short time will take away the uncertainty for your green card application.  If a case is pending for two years and finally get a denial, one may lose significant time to get green card in the end and possibly face becoming out-of-status if H-1B status has been used for 6 years.  Recently, a PERM applicant contacted Attorney in regards to his denied PERM case.  This applicant initially wished to use Attorney’s service for his PERM case. Unfortunately his company wanted to use its own attorney for the case.   The case was denied after an audit due to an uncommon error made by the attorney.  The other Attorney forgot to include the job’s travel requirement in the newspaper ad.  Cases with travel requirements are not often seen.  The attorney even did not realize that travel requirement is required to post in newspaper advertisement according to the PERM regulation.  If an experienced attorney had handled this case, paying more attention to the detailed regulations, this error may have been avoided.   Fortunately, the applicant is still in his 4th year of H-1B though he has wasted 2 years waiting for his former PERM case.  He has enough time to retain us to file a new case to make his H-1B beyond 6 year extension possible. 

In addition, if a PERM case is approved quickly, one can file its I-140 case right away and get an approval in a few days with premium processing request.  With an approved I-140 case, you can carry over the priority date even if you change your job.  Without the PERM and I-140 case approval, once job is changed, the efforts for the PERM case may not have any use.

From 2008 information from Department of Labor, about 25,000 PERM cases were submitted, 45% got audits, and 20% got denied.   Many audits and denials would have been avoided if these cases had been well prepared by an experienced attorney.     We recommend you contact an experienced attorney for your PERM case to take advantage of the fast case processing as soon as possible.  Even if your company does not allow you to choose your own attorney; you may want to seek assistance from an experienced attorney for a second opinion on your case preparation to guarantee a better approval rate.   If you are interested in hiring an attorney for your PERM case or for a second opinion, please contact us at

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