What You Can Do to Help

In the United States, the public’s voice is one of the greatest weapons there exists to remedy the shortcomings of the law.  The Senators and Representatives that are elected to Congress all have a duty to listen to their constituents and do what is best for them and the country as a whole, as they are representing their constituents in the government.  By contacting your Senator or Representative, three important things happen. First, Congressmen will recognize that the issue at hand is significant and will heed your opinion, especially during an election year. Second, your letters and e-mails will serve as evidence to your Congressman to show to the rest of Congress exactly what the public opinion on an issue is.  Finally, by contacting Congress, you are educating them on key issues and giving them another perspective to look at an issue from.

Due to the current visa limitations and proposed bills concerning immigration, it is necessary for the public to voice their opinion on the issues.  Senators and Representatives try their best to listen to the concerns of their constituents, since the constituents are the ones who elect them.  In November 2006, 1/3 (or about 33) of the current Senators will be re-election.   In the House of Representatives, all 435 Representatives will be up for re-election, as they are elected to two-year terms.  Since there are so many seats up for election, this makes 2006 a significant election year and the Representatives and Senators will be more responsive to their constituents concerns.  Since the Senators and Representatives desire to get re-elected and they need the vote of the constituents to achieve this goal, they will heed their concerns.

It is not necessary that for you to be a US citizen to address your concerns on immigration reform to Congress.  ANYONE can address such issues to Congress. Of course, if you can have your employer or family members who are citizens send correspondence to Congress which will be even better.

In order to find the Senators that represent you, please click here.  In order to find who represents you in the House of Representatives, please click here.  For a sample letter that you may use to send to senators or representatives, please click here.

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What You Can Do to Help

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